Friday, October 3, 2008

TACOS trip report: My basement

Ok, so this is not so much of a trip report, as it is something totally badass that had to be shared with the world mainly because I have not updated in forever.

I hired Craig (and he subcontracted to Jason) to jackhammer a trench in my basement so that the plumber can finally lay his pipe (hehe, thats funny) and my basement will finally be finished. Anyway, you kinda need a jackhammer to be able to jackhammer shit. I do not have a jackhammer. You can apparently rent them at home depot for only $75/day. AWESOME!!!

I admit that I was only able to use said jackhammer momentarily when I went home at lunch to make sure they had not destroyed my entire house, and I'm very surprised to have found that they did not destroy my house simply because using a jackhammer is awesome. I highly recommend it, especially for recreational use. I intend on spending at least one afternoon in the near future trying to come up with a sport that based on jackhammering shit.

PS: Tong still sucks.